Choosing an Honest beverage may seem like a relatively simple decision.

But the seemingly small action can actually make a big impact — not only in the wellbeing of those who enjoy these delicious lower- or no-sugar organic beverages, but also in the lives and communities of the supplier farmers who help produce them.

That’s the message behind the Honest brand’s new “small decision. BIG impact” campaign, which showcases the brand’s purpose-driven DNA and longstanding mission to democratize organics and promote economic opportunity — as well as its expanding portfolio.

“We’re witnessing the rise of the citizen consumer,” said Honest co-founder and TeaEO Emeritus Seth Goldman. “People today want to express the power they have to vote with their wallets by supporting brands they respect and trust, and that share their values. They also want to feel like they’re making a difference, but don’t always believe the many everyday choices they make actually count. This campaign reminds them that every time they choose to drink an Honest beverage, they’re choosing to make an impact.”

Source: Sustainable Brands