Nordstrom just launched Sustainable Style— an online shopping category of only sustainable options — to make it easier to find luxury products that align with your values.

Customers can shop by gender and product category as well as narrow the collection by certain priorities: Gives BackResponsibly Manufactured, and Sustainably Sourced. If you’re most concerned with the environment or human rights and fair trade, you can shop that way with the click of a button. Rather than placing responsibility on the shopper to do the legwork, Nordstrom is assuming the role of the curator of high-end, guilt-free options instantly. It’s ready-to-wear sustainability.

Sustainable Style includes 2,000 items from 90 brands, such as Nordstrom-made Treasure & BondPatagoniaReformationEileen FisherS’wellTomsVeja, and Caudalie. In other words, it looks like any collection of products you’d find — sweaters, running shoes, moisturizers, wedges, purses, zip-ups, denim, dresses, and the like. You’ll also find up-and-coming startups like Girlfriend Collective, which makes leggings out of recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles.

Sustainable Style coincides with Nordstrom’s commitment to the G7 Fashion Pact, a new coalition of 32 global luxury retailers  working to address the global climate crisis that was announced in late August, 2019 in France by President Emmanuel Macron. The pact serves as a necessary mission statement for a global industry intrinsically linked to complex sustainability issues and consumption. It’s also a first for US-based multiline fashion retailers. This move is linked to both immediacy of the issue and the growing market opportunity presented by empowered consumers armed by social media and the Information Age.

As is true on a much greater scale, sustainability is a nuanced and complex conversation. Nordstrom is responding to customer interest, and while these categories are a first stab at its implementation, the company says they will be responsive to customer feedback and evolve the classifications. But, regardless of how it unfolds, Nordstrom is committing itself to the conversation.

Source: Business Insider