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Social Impact Marketing Inside New Chocolate Bar

Social impact marketing inside new chocolate, The Other Bar.  When you buy The Other Bar, an experimental new chocolate bar designed to fight global poverty, the candy comes with a choice: Inside the package, you can scan a code to donate a blockchain token to the...

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Sustainable Brand Myro Launches Deodorant at Target

Sustainable deodorant brand Myro launches at Target. Target is giving another digital native, personal care brand an in-store presence by exclusively stocking Myro plant-based deodorants in refillable cases. Myro deodorant starter kits and refill pods rolled out to...

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Nordstrom Launches Sustainable Style Online Shopping

Nordstrom just launched Sustainable Style— an online shopping category of only sustainable options — to make it easier to find luxury products that align with your values. Customers can shop by gender and product category as well as narrow the collection by certain...

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UpChoose Building a Sustainable Consumption Company

For most clothing companies, tackling sustainability revolves around actions like choosing better materials or finding new ways to recycle clothes. Fewer companies look at a more fundamental problem: We buy too many clothes in the first place.  UpChoose, a year-old...

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