For most clothing companies, tackling sustainability revolves around actions like choosing better materials or finding new ways to recycle clothes. Fewer companies look at a more fundamental problem: We buy too many clothes in the first place. 

UpChoose, a year-old startup, is focusing first on a part of the market that generates clothing waste especially quickly: baby clothing. The company, which calls itself a “sustainable consumption” company, sells new parents a full set of organic cotton clothes. As the babies grow, parents send the clothes back and get a discount for the next size up; the old clothes are resold on the same platform to other parents. The company plans to expand to other products like toys and furniture.

Founder Ali El Idrissi previously helped build the sustainable investment team at J.P. Morgan, where he worked on projects tackling challenges like climate change and supply-chain working conditions. “Over time, I sort of came to the understanding that for many of these projects that I was involved in, we were really tackling the symptoms rather than the roots,” he says. “One of the roots is really linked to our lifestyle . . . and this lifestyle is very much driven by consumption.”

Source: Fast Company